Clients hire us for traditional and mobile usability testing when they need objective detailed feedback on their product from real end users. We know how to get test participants to open up about what they love and don't like about your product. You will see the areas of your product design that confuse and frustrate people, as well as those areas that are completely intuitive.

Whether your product is just a concept, is up and-running, or is someplace in-between, we can test it.
If your product is still in concept or early design, we might use paper prototypes or electronic screen shots to elicit feedback. If the product is already released or in alpha/beta, we can run the sessions with the existing version, and perhaps blend our inquiry with prototypes showing new feature concepts. In between releases, clients often hire us to usability test their product and a competitor's to compare the two.

Our mobile usability testing focuses on the user experience in a real-world context.    
There is a world of difference between usability testing a desktop product and a mobile device. The device itself influences the way people interact with an application. An even more powerful influencer is the user’s context and the fact they are “on the go” vs. in a controlled environment as they use your product. My testing simulates real-world situations.

Our service offers all the benefits of lab-based testing – minus the cost.  We have a portable usability testing lab equipped with Morae software that we can set up in your office or any environment. This allows us to video record, create highlight clips, and broadcast sessions so your team can watch from an adjoining conference room or remotely over your VPN. When you hire UR you do not have to pay facility rental fees!

Sometimes it is best to start with an expert review of your product
The Expert Usability Review is a quick and effective option for those with limited time and research budgets. This involves using your product as your intended user might. In a short time, you’ll have a review of the strengths and challenges of your products from the users point of view – and suggested ways to improve user experience. Read about UR's Expert Review service.