SUCCESSFUL PRODUCTS are created with the insights of their end-users.

Usability Resources brings you closer to your end users so that you can use their insights to design or refine your product. We help you identify the right people to talk to, the right questions to ask, and the right research method to use.

Our streamlined research is designed to produce actionable insights & data that can be applied directly to your product design.

We can tell you who is using your product, why they’re using it, and how they use it. You’ll learn what your end-users find challenging or frustrating about your product.  And finally, we can also provide specific feedback on a product concept or ideas on how an existing product can be made more relevant for a new audience.

Here are some of our most popular user research services

User Observation and In-depth Interview
Direct observation lets clients see how real customers are using their product every day. You learn how their product delights - or - frustrates users. Observing and interviewing targeted users while they work with your software application in their natural environment is a powerful way to learn what about your product works – and what doesn’t.  We provide this service over the Internet using an application sharing product such as WebEx or GoToMeeting. Your entire team can watch the session from their desk. MORE...

Focus groups

Focus groups are an efficient way to get rich, unstructured answers to your most burning usability questions.  Clients use UR's focus group service to satisfy a wide range of needs:  to flesh out Web site concepts and content, fine-tune positioning, better understand persona dimensions, or to brainstorm product ideas. MORE...

Online communities
With UR's Online communities, participants log into a customized bulletin board to answer questions, view stimuli, and interact among themselves and with the moderator. Clients log in to the secure bulletin board site at their convenience to "listen in" to the discussion. The conversation follows a discussion guide, which can be updated as we learn more about the topic area. It can span several days. MORE...