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Usability Resources translates business requirements and end user insights into a product design that is practical, easy to learn, and easy to use. Clients bring us in to help them better understand their target audience and to create simplified product designs that match customer needs.

UR's services include:

User Research

Our streamlined research is designed to produce actionable data that can be applied directly to your product design. We can tell you who is using your product, why they’re using it, and how they use it. You’ll learn what your end-users find challenging or frustrating about your product.  And finally, We can also provide specific feedback on a product concept or ideas on how an existing product can be made more relevant for a new audience.... more

Usability Testing

Our clients hire us for usability testing when they need objective and detailed feedback on their product from real end users. We know how to get test participants to open up about what they love about your product, and more importantly, what they don’t. You also see the areas of your product design that confuse and frustrate people, as well as those areas that are completely intuitive. Not only do you get priceless feedback, but you also discover just who your users are....more

More teams wish to develop user experience research and design skills within their own organization, because getting the user interface right has become critical to a product's success. We work side-by-side with your team guiding them through a complete user research, usability testing, or user interface design project ...more 

Do you want your team to develop usability and user experience design skills in house, but need a fast track approach?
We offer one-day training workshops on:
1. Planning, moderating, and evaluating a usability study
2. Practical user research techniques
3. Prototyping and the fundamentals of user interface design
4. User interface design for mobile devices....more