Who it's for

Technology teams who wish to complete a usability or user interface design project themselves. They wish to gain skills in user research, usability testing, or user interface design via a “hands on” approach through completing a work project. We guide and educate the team to ensure their success.

How it works. 

  • First we meet with you and your team to learn about your product, business, and the type of UX work you would like to accomplish

  • Then we develop a project plan and schedule that incorporates a learning program in key UX principles.

  • Before your team executes each UX activity, we involve them in Webinars and send instructional material that focuses on the skills they will need to learn to perform the work.

  • Throughout the project we provide plans and templates to structure the team’s work. Team members learn UX skills by carrying out an actual project - by creating a user interface design, by planning, running, and reporting on a usability test or by carrying out user research while we offer guidance and continuous feedback.

  • The mentoring relationship can be carried out in person, remotely, or as a mixture of both. In-person or remote pricing is the same for clients within the Boston area.

What it includes

  • Five video-recorded instructional webinars with your team. The webinar material covers key aspects of user interface design customized to the demands of your product. These sessions are recorded so you can review them later on.

  • Project templates and artifacts customized to your project (e.g., editable wireframe templates, a user research plan, or a “kit” containing a usability test plan with all documents needed to do a usability study).

  • Up to five hours per week of discussion/critique with your team as they carry out their user experience work.

  • A beginner library of five of the most high-regarded books in the specific UX project area.

  • Bibliography and references to Web-based UX resources.

  • 60 days of our availability via e-mail or phone for follow up questions, after the mentoring project has ended.

Here’s some examples of how our mentoring service helped clients bring usability skills "in-house".

The science and technology library at an Ivy League university was working with an open-source development organization to create technology to help researchers keep track of citations, so they would be easily accessible and in one place. They needed to ensure that their product was easy to learn and use and relevant to their target audience. The library system hired Usability Resources to provide a one-day training in Usability Testing and then to mentor staff as they planned and ran a series of usability studies.

An educational software company that produces technology for k-12 STEM teachers was redesigning the teacher portal. They hired Kay to mentor them as they learned how to do user research, UI Design, and usability testing. The resulting portal was stunning and very easy to use. Kay also delivered a 1-day training to the entire organization on how to do usability testing.

The developers at a financial services firm wished to revamp the user interface of an online platform for investors. The team wanted to do the work themselves so they could gain skill in user interface design and usability testing. They brought us in to consult with them over several months and were able to produce stunning results.

Kay Corry Aubrey has over 20 years of experience as a UI Designer, teacher, and usability expert. She combines these skills as she mentors teams while they work on an actual product. When the engagement ends the team has the skills and tools to create and evaluate their own usable technology.