TAP INTO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE'S THOUGHTS - as they use your product.

Understanding your end users helps you and your design team minimizes risk and enhances your team's ability to create more intuitive and successful products. Our clients find these sessions are an efficient and cost-effective way to learn about the context and workflow of their most important users. They allow clients to see with their own eyes the specific areas of their product that are confusing or cumbersome for end users.

How do the sessions work?
The user observation and interview sessions are conducted either in-person or remotely. The in-person sessions are run like an ethnography, where we observe the individual using the client's product "in their native habitat". The remote sessions are run using application sharing technology such as WebEx and the telephone.

During the session the end user walks us through the most critical tasks they perform with your product. The user describes their task abd work flow, how they use the product, what works well and what works less well, gathering the information your team needs to build a better product. The sessions are moderated to elicit the most valuable information through a relaxed, informal (but structured) conversation.

Members of your product and development team are invited watch these sessions in real time and can interact with the participant, asking them questions about their goals, tasks, and use of the product. If a design review is included, we might show the end user mock-ups or live demonstrations of new product ideas to elicit their objective feedback.

Value and benefits you can expect from this service

Teams value the the ability to interact with real end users, and the debrief discussions that occur around each session. these sessions deliver clear insights to my clients most critical questions such as:

  • Are my users actually using the product to its fullest ability?
  • What do users value most about my product?
  • What do users find frustrating or challenging about my product?
  • What modifications and refinements should I make to my product to enhance its usefulness to my target audience?

    Clients who have benefitted from this service include:
  • Constant Contact
  • Citrix EdgeSight
  • Memento Security
  • Bomgar