LEARN FROM MANY PARTICIPANTS - from the convenience of your office

Do you ever wish you could sit in on larger discussion among people in your target audience to learn their decision-making process, gather feedback on your company's ideas, or to hear their reaction to your product or service?

With our Online Asynchronous Bulletin Board service, participants log into a customized bulletin board to answer questions, view stimuli, and interact among themselves and with the moderator. Clients log in to the secure bulletin board site at their convenience to "listen in" to the discussion.

When to consider this approach

This online bulletin board is an excellent way to gather insights from users who are busy, difficult to recruit, need anonymity, or are geographically dispersed. Asynchronous online bulletin board discussion groups can be run as a free-standing research project or be combined with our other methods such as remote or on-site usability testing, focus groups, or user observation and interview.

Both participants and clients find the online bulletin board method engaging and convenient. We supplement discussion guide questions with video, audio, pictures, and links to online exercises (such as card and picture sorts). Participants respond in writing as well as through upload video, audio, and images to further communicate their ideas and world.

Client benefits

Our reports synthesize study results into absorbable and actionable insights, clients also receive a complete transcript of all interactions that occur while the board is active, as well as relevant multi-media. During the research we will run debrief sessions with you making quick adjustments that ensure you will receive the most value from this effort.

If you would like to see an example of the rich results that can come out of a online asynchronous bulletin board project, please refer to our International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) study with Community Managers of socially-enabled online communities.