Our Expert Review

A Usability Resources Expert Review allows you to get a fast assessment on your product’s usability. In less than a month, you’ll get a detailed report with our feedback on how your product meets – or doesn’t meet – the needs of your key user groups.

Here is how our Expert Review Works

We work with you to ensure that the Expert Review is as productive and efficient as possible. First we learn the details of your product, your end users, their issues, and the range of ways they use your product. We map out scenarios that identify the 4-5 keys tasks users need to be able to do easily with your product. To gather this information, we may talk with your customer-facing team or with actual users.

Then we walk through the product using our deep expertise as a usability professional and experience the product as your user would, trying to complete the targeted tasks, and bringing the user’s perspective to each task. If your product is highly specialized or complex, we may suggest a hybrid approach which starts with our User Observation and Inteview service. This allows us to both learn your product and how customers use it. Armed with these insights we can do a more thorough and relevant expert review of your product.

We compile our review’s findings and insights into a detailed Expert Review Report, which includes actionable feedback on areas such as:

  • Page flow - How well does the page flow match the user’s task flow?
  • Navigation - Is the user able to navigate pages easily? Do users know where they are at all times, and where they should go next?
  • Layout - Is page layout effective – or can it be improved?
  • Effective communication - Is there enough information for users to complete tasks? Is the user left with any questions?

    The report includes annotated screen shots of particular issues in your product, with recommendations on how you can overcome design challenges. You’ll learn various approaches for solving any usability challenges and have a chance to discuss the report results with us in detail as we present our findings.