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Not sure if your product or design is intuitive?
Or if it is optimized for the marketplace?

I leverage my skills and passion as a user researcher combined with my background in user interface design to guide teams towards making products that are easy and satisfying for people to use. I work in person or virtually, with individuals and groups, to not only gather usability feedback but also to learn how well your product will function in the real world.

As I work with clients on a solution I pick from a variety of proven methods to translate the end user's needs into a simple and satisfying user experience. Because often my clients are new to "UX" I teach them about the field so they are comfortable with the process.
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Webinar and one-day class on the "Principles of Usability Testing" for the RIVA Training Institute 10/13 - 11/10.

On November 12 I am taking part in a panel discussion on "Designing for Usability for Medical Devices" for the Quebec Delegation of Boston.

Add Usability Research Techniques to Your Qualitative Toolbox. Provides an overview of UR's usability methods.

Get Inside Your User's Head - How to conduct a UX Interview - Here are tips for how to carry out a successful interview with end users.
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