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We help companies create simple and intuitive user interfaces through user research, usability testing, and user interface design. Our specialty is in making complex applications understandable by a diverse set of end users.

Here are some case studies that will give you a sense of how UR translates user research into simplified UIs.

We use a mentoring approach in our work with teams so clients gain UX skills as well as a highly usable product as a result of hiring us.
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"Principles of Usability Testing" RIVA Training Institute April 20, 2015

Kay was offered a Fellowship through the Comm of MA Dept. of Labor & Workforce. She'll be helping them improve the usability of their unemployment system for claimants, employers, and staff

Add Usability Research Techniques to Your Qualitative Toolbox. Provides an overview of UR's usability methods.

Get Inside Your User's Head - How to conduct a UX Interview - Here are Kay's tips on how to carry out a successful interview with end users.
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