Because all of the Bomgar remote support sessions takes place over the Internet, we ran the end user usability study remotely. The participant engaged in chat and phone-based interactions with a Technical Support Representative. The Bomgar Development Team observed and took notes.

The Technical Support Representatives and System Administrators sessions were carried out in a conversational format held in place by discussion guide questions and pre-planned activities. These sessions occurred both in-person at the customer site, and over the Internet. With both groups we wanted to know the most frequent, critical and problematic tasks they carried out with the product. We also asked them about trends in their industry and to describe how they learned how to use Bomgar and keep up to date with its new releases.

We asked different types of questions of the Technical Support Representatives and System Administrators. When talking with the Technical Support Representatives we were most interested to hear how they leverage Bomgar to resolve customer problems. We asked them to use the interface to walk us through how they perform their most common tasks. We then had them to describe their use of each icon and control on the user interface.
When talking with System Administrators we asked questions about their environment and organization, other technologies they use, and industry trends.

At the end of each session participants completed standardized surveys to measure their overall impression of the Bomgar product and its usability. All sessions were video recorded with Morae and we shared detailed session notes.
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