We worked collaboratively with our sponsor in developing the study objectives, determining the research methods, planning the recruiting, and developing the discussion guides.

This review was really multiple studies in one, because we were collecting usability feedback from three distinct user groups: end users who initiate the support call to have their issue resolved, the Technical Support Representative who interacts with the end user via phone or chat and uses Bomgar to fix the issue, and the System Administrator who sets up and maintains Bomgar as part of the support center's technology infrastructure.

Our client wanted to learn ways the application could be further refined so even the most technology averse end users could easily and comfortably engage in a session. To gather this feedback, we employed a remote usability testing method.

To learn how the Technical Support Representatives and System Administrators use Bomgar to carry out their duties, we combined in-depth interviews with our user observation and walkthrough technique.

For the end user study we recruited participants who had modest to medium comfort with technology. Our client recruited our Technical Support Representatives and System Administrator participants from among their existing customers. We assisted them with developing selection criteria and with the recruiting logistics.
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