Client:   Bomgar Corporation - Ridgeland, Mississsippi
Project:   Usability review of call center appllication
Users:   Consumers, Technical Support Representatives, and System Administrators
Bomgar's remote support technology is used by over 5,500 support centers in North America and throughout the world. The Bomgar application allows agents to quickly resolve issues by remotely viewing and controlling a customer's PC or mobile device. Bomgar's Product Development team wanted an expert review of their product so they could learn how to further refine it to better serve their end users.

Bomgar chose Usability Resources for this engagement because we recommended pairing our expert review with qualitative research. We knew this was the right approach because of previous work we've done with enterprise software and support centers. We expected each Bomgar customer to have a uniquely complex environment. The best way to deliver actionable insights for this client would be to "ask the experts" - the people who use Bomgar every day to get their jobs done - for usability feedback.
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