Employee & End-user Research for User Experience Design

Trillium Software is the leading supplier of data quality software used worldwide to analyze, standardize, and link data across large enterprise systems.

Trillium wanted to reduce customer support calls and the need for extensive training and documetation. They hired Kay to do employee and user research to learn how they might improve their product's user interface. She started this engagement by talking with Trillium's customer-facing staff (trainers, customer support representatives, & professional support) to get their perspective on which areas of the product people found most difficult to learn & use.

She then arranged a series of remote user observation and interview sessions where Trillium end users walked her & the development team through their use of the product for common tasks. As a result, everyone came away with a clear understanding of which aspects of the product needed refinement.

Kay then worked with the development team to incorporate these insights into a much simplified redesign of the Trillium product's user interface.