Two-day workshop on the "Principles of usability testing for market researchers"

Usability testing leverages many of the skills qualitative researchers already have [e.g., building rapport, probing for clarity, getting below top-of-mind responses] . Kay teaches a two-day hands-on workshop at the acclaimed RIVA Training Institute that shows seasoned qualitative researchers what they need to know to start incorporating usability research into their skill set.

Through working on a variety of in-class usability projects participants learn how to plan, moderate, and report on a usability study. They learn the key planning steps, the language around it, and the unique insights this method produces. We also discuss the various approaches a qualitative researcher can take when running a usability study at different points in a product's development (e.g., concept, early prototype, released product), as well as when to leverage approaches: in-person, remotely, or automated.