User Interface Design of Clinical Trial Data Management System

Oracle chose Kay to design the user interface for a web-based application directed towards the pharmaceutical industry.

Kay developed the user interface from scratch, while making it conform to the Oracle corporate standards for UI design. She developed a highly usable design which was embraced by the development team as well as potential customers. As a result of her efforts, the development team changed their planned architecture to support a simplified approach.

She worked closely with team mates to ensure she fully understood the technology, the end users, as well as the product’s market requirements. She organized the features and screen flows to match the way pharmaceutical staff approach their work.

While working on this project she showed the design to industry representatives, to collect their feedback. Once she had a complete design, she assisted a Usability Engineer in usability testing the application with typical end users. The testing results showed that the underlying product concept was too layered, complex, and used too many steps. Kay suggested a simplified approach and was able to back up her design with the testing data. As a result, the engineering team reworked the underlying architecture, before implementation, so that the product’s conceptual model and user interface were much more usable.