The connection between good design and employee adoption of Enterprise Social Software (ESS)

Moxie Employee Spaces was designed in collaboration with IDEO for the way people work with other people, in groups, and on projects.

Moxie Software hired Kay to help them understand the connection between intuitive design and employee adoption of an online collaboration platform. Kay recruited 10 seasoned Community Managers who ran well-established online collaborative communities. We sought participants who provide training and day to day support to employees as well as provide reporting and success metrics to senior management. Our Community Managers had a unique understanding of both the end user as well as executive viewpoint, when it comes to the unique benefits and challenges of online collaborative communities.

Our participants had also been involved in selecting the social computing platform for their organization. Their communities were based on a widely used document-centric platform as well as at least one other cloud-based ESS product.

We ran live remote sessions with the Community Managers which included interviews on their work context, surveys where participants ranked nine key collaboration features according to how they influence employee adoption, how usable they were in the platform they currently use, and how usable these nine features were within Moxie Employee Spaces. Our research not only delivered valuable usability feedback to our client, it also provided insights on the connection between platform usability and employee adoption.

Moxie Software asked us to write a white paper detailing the study. They then invited us to speak about the study at their annual All Member Meeting in Boston as well as on a Webinar entitled "Social Software They Will Love to Use".