Expert review of the effectiveness of the site's online employee recruiting

The Mayo Clinic hired Kay to do an expert usability review of for its effectiveness as an online employee recruiting tool. The client was about to embark on a major upgrade to the content management system it uses for job postings, and recruiting high-quality medical professionals is very competitive. They wanted to ensure their web site's user interface provided candidates a clean and intuitive workflow as they search and apply for hospital job opportunities.

Kay used a scenario and persona-based approach in her usability review. She walked through the site assuming the role of key recruits: a nurse relocating from another part of the United States, a lab technician, and a graduate student seeking a summer internship. Based on common usability heuristics and web design conventions, she reviewed areas such as page navigation and layout, orientation, ease of searching and browsing for open positions. She also did a thorough usability shakedown of the site's online application process.

Part of her expert review involved analyzing the site's content to determine how easy it is to find answers to common questions a job seeker has when evaluating a position. These content areas included looking at the information the site offered on employee benefits, payscale, advancement and training opportunities, relocation, diversity policies, access to public transportation, and the hospital's hiring process.

Her sponsors were particularly interested to know how well their site portrays what it is like to work at the Mayo Clinic, and live in the Rochester, MN . As part of her analysis, Kay researched the online recruiting of other major US hospitals and was able to provide her clients with many "best of breed" examples and ideas.