User research and interface design

The Massachusetts Medical Society has hired Kay for a variety of user research and usability-related projects. She recently completed interface designs for member login for the Society's Web site, This project involved a heuristic review of the current site's login, secondary research to determine best practices for login, interface design of a new site-wide login solution, and usability testing. Throughout this project, Kay worked closely with the Society's Web Development team to arrive at the best implementable solution that balanced convenience and security.

The Society has also hired Kay to do in-depth interviews with physician leaders and members, to gain insight into how they can leverage their extensive Internet investment to better serve the needs of their members. Her primary research has focused on how members from various age groups use the Internet in their professional and personal lives and their use of social media for collaboration and networking. She also assisted the Continuing Education Division on a UI redesign of their online learning environment.

Other projects include expert reviews of existing and planned products, usability testing, and the interface design of an internal human resources events scheduler.