Focus group moderation to learn how diabetics manage their condition day by day and how technology might help them improve

The study sponsors were creating a website for diabetes patients where their blood sugar readings could be remotely transmitted to the website directly from their glucometer.

They wanted to learn about the daily challenges diabetics face in their quest to stay healthy in order to learn how information and communication technology could help diabetics improve their day-to-day condition management. The sponsors also wanted to gain more context of how this group uses technology, personal relationships, self-care habits, and clinical support.

We worked with our client on recruitment, study design and focus group
moderation. Our study design included prework where participants were asked to keep a diary of their monitoring. We asked them to write down their
glucose levels, how they felt, and what they were doing each time they
monitored. We wanted particpants to have a top-of-mind recollection of the
steps they need to take each day because of diabetes.

During the research, participants discussed the relationships, coaching, and
resources they consider most helpful. We designed the focus group exercises
to elicit factual as well as contextual insights that the sponsor used to
drive usability enhancements to the sponsor’s product.