The BARD search engine consolidates small molecule bioassay research results from thousands of NIH-funded research projects. BARD will be an easy-to-use and publically-available resource for scientists involved in early stage drug discovery.

The BARD team brought in Usability Resources to carry out persona research and to do usability evaluations of the BARD user interface as it was being developed. We conducted dozens of remote interviews with participants who fit the characteristics of BARD’s target audience which include Chemists, Biologists, Physicians, Assay Creators, and Informaticians. Throughout this project our goal was to help our client understand the information needs of scientists who work within early stage drug discovery, and how they use online tools to carry out their research. The team was able to translate these insights into a product design.

We produced personas to encapsulate the distinct needs of key user types. Our usability evaluations provided concrete feedback on proposed designs as BARD was evolving. As we delivered our services we created templates of documents and processes for recruiting, interviewing, and reporting on results that the BARD team will be able to use for their own user-centered design initiatives once our engagement is complete. We also provided consultation on accessibility and 508 compliance.