User Research on 3 distinct support center audiences

Bomgar technology allows support center agents to remotely fix customer's computers and mobile devices. The Bomgar product is used by over 5,500 support centers throughout the world. They hired us to do an expert review of their application so it would better meet the needs of their target audiences. The Bomgar application serves three very distinct segments: consumers seeking support, Customer Support Representatives who fix the consumer's issues, and the System Administrator who maintains Bomgar and integrates it into the support center's overall infrastructure.

Given the complexity of a typical support center, we recommended pairing our expert review with qualitative research on Bomgar customers. This approach allowed us to evaluate the product in light of how real people actually use it. We ran remote usability studies with consumers, and remote and on-site user observation walkthroughs and interviews with the Customer Support Representatives and System Administrators. These sessions offered the Bomgar Development Team the chance to watch users "in action" with the product. As a result of our services, the team gained a great deal of insight into their customer's operations as well as trends that will affect how people use the Bomgar product in the future.

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