Professional Development course "User Interface Design for Mobile Devices"

Kay taught a professional development course in "User Interface Design for Mobile Devices" through Bentley University's Design and Usability Center. Here is a course description:

"Students will learn to conceptualize and create intuitive user experiences for the most popular mobile devices. We will offer an overview of the unique aspects of designing for mobile such as selecting the right type of application, task flow, small screen layout, and information design. Students will learn how to streamline a mobile design by incorporating personalization, defaults, and location awareness. Design principles will be taught through case studies of innovative mobile applications across a variety of industries. Students will also gain an overview of the technical challenges associated with designing for different platforms, connecting with social media, security considerations, and techniques for testing and rolling out mobile applications. Each student will put their learning into action as they build a working model of a mobile UI design"

Syllabus for the most recent class (2011)