BVARI Inc,’s mission is to support the medical research and education activities of the VA Boston Healthcare System. They administer a 10 million dollar budget for veteran health and well being research. BVARI has experienced tremendous growth and needed to redesign and scale its business processes to meet their growth.

We ran a series of focus groups with customers and employees to learn how well people's needs were being met. In these groups we asked respondents to describe their most frequent, critical, and challenging interactions with BVARI. Our results provided BVARI leadership clear direction on the business processes that work well vs. those that need redesign.

As part of its goal to streamline and automte its operations, BVARI also needed to know which transactions could be handled electronically - through a redesigned portal. We used the groups to brainstorm and evaluate portal design ideas for grants, budgets, policy, and human resource management.

Our results gave BVARI an accurate understanding of how to refine their operation so their business runs more smoothly. We also helped them identify a clearer strategy for how to approach the portal redesign to better serve their community of medical and social science researchers.