one-X Portal - Unified Communication for desktop and mobile

The Avaya one-X™ Portal converges Avaya telephony, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and Outlook contacts into one tiny Web-based application.

Kay worked with the software development team on user research, usability testing, and interaction design. Her user research focused on site visits, in-person, and phone-based interviews with people who use collaborative technologies to work with virtual teams. The point of this inquiry was to develop personas and to understand, in a very practical way, how different types of people use these tools to be efficient and to manage their communications and work relationships. The insights garnered from Kay's user research were applied directly to the one-X Portal interface design.

The very skilled engineering team produced a refined product from scratch in a matter of months on an aggressive schedule. Kay assisted with interaction design and with usability testing throughout the entire product development cycle. She ran most of the usability testing sessions remotely, over the Internet with Net Meeting and the phone, to save money and time, and to allow developers to easily observe and participate in the sessions from their desks.

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