Event management to integrate large databases

AptSoft Corporation is the creator of EDAC - Event Driven Application Collaboration Software™.

During their startup phase, AptSoft hired Kay to to create a common interaction and visual design for their product line. Kay worked with the AptSoft software engineering team to refine and redesign the user interfaces of system setup, monitoring, search, browse, and reporting components. She also managed the selection and work of a graphic design firm (Brookline Street Design), to ensure the visual design blended well with the interaction design and AptSoft's branding.

The major UI challenge on this assignment was building a simple interface to handle recursive and extremely detailed information. The product's target audiences are business analysts, database and network administrators. For the business analyst, Kay developed a tabular approach that was highly effective for both display and data entry.

Kay also designed the user interface for a complete system administration tool, based on Log4ji technology, She created a user interface to allow the administrator to see engine and event activity, start/stop/monitor touch point adaptors and servers. She also created the system console user interface, from which the administrator could perform all system functions directly from a command line.

To ensure the complete and latest design specifications were at the team's fingertips, Kay created an Intranet site. Her site held the visual design, artwork, and user interface designs. She had prepared her user interface designs in both Visio and as dHTML.