We asked our customers what they liked most about working with Usability Resources. Here are excerpts of what they said:

"Kay was the lead researcher on an important project at iRobot. She quickly picked up the context she needed and began to ask thoughtful questions that improved the research approach. Along the way, she regularly provided valuable updates on findings and also built great expertise and credibility within what can be a challenging technically-oriented organization. Kay became the go-to person for customer knowledge on the topic. Ultimately, Kay made the project a success."
Dave Snelling, Senior Product Manager
iRobot Corporation

"Usability Resources provided Moxie Software with a third party, unbiased usability study on our software platform. Their methodology was very effective and their ability to gain the perfect respondents quickly was impressive. They provide fantastic, detailed insights - yet were also able to synthesize results and provide strategic recommendations. Their deliverables were top notch. Moxie gained valuable insights, great project management, and a partner in the process. I can't wait to do our next project with Kay and her team."
Dennis O'Malley, VP WW Services
Moxie Software

“Kay has a unique and deep understanding of mobile user interface requirements. She has really helped our customers improve the user experience for the mobile apps they create with MobiFlex.”
George Adams, CEO
MobiFlex, Inc.

"Kay's work at Affinnova was extremely valuable and still is to this day.  Her experience in usability testing has helped Affinnova identify a great user interface for respondents. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for usability testing."
Janet Thai, Marketing Manager

"During Kay's time at Monster, she provided interaction design assistance and drove user research. Kay designed and conducted a usability study to find out just how recruiters use search to find job candidates. Her analysis -- which delivered tactical results -- dispelled some long-held beliefs, confirmed others and identified opportunities for product development. "
Suzanne Lunny, UX Lead/Interaction/Visual Designer
Monster Worldwide

“She identified the gaps and barriers where people were getting stuck, and she found ways to make it easier for them. As a result of her excellent research and design our users are able to do things on their own…. She was fantastic to work with, both professionally and personally.”
Liz Carver, Editor-in-Chief
Massachusetts Medical Society

"It was a true pleasure having the opportunity to with with Kay Corry Aubrey. Kay helped Strong Women, Strong Girls to conceptualize and then develop a smart phone application to allow us manage attendance for our mentoring program. We did not have software engineering resources within our agency, so Kay formed a partnership with MobiFlex on our behalf and secured donated services from them to build the application. As a part of her work with us, Kay held focus groups with our constituents to help us understand their needs, ensured that the project moved forward from concept to implementation, and worked closely with our team to debug user interface problems as they arose. Thank you so much for your great work for SWSG!"
Lindsay Hyde, Founder and President
Strong Women Strong Girls

"Her user research especially helped guide a more intuitive design. Kay was able to work closely with our product management and engineering teams to not only to design the UI for the next release of our product, but also lay the foundation for a more robust user experience in future releases. Kay did a great job and I would highly recommend her for user experience design."
Gary Lombardo, Director of Product Management

“Her expertise produced a user-friendly, intuitive interface. In addition to the design, she took her ideas to customers for feedback. All of this was completed in the very tight timelines."
Laurie Fernald, Engineering Project Manager

"Kay was great to work with. She took the time to understand our business, and to learn what we do and for whom. She is easy to work with, wonderful - always easy to communicate with.... Kay helped us develop a baseline and standards that we use going forward in developing the UI."
Kevin McCarthy, Director of Product Management
Trillium Software

"Her #1 most valuable contribution was an outside objective voice. Being able to leverage what she's done previously and come in with a fresh ideas and a fresh perspective on things we've been hashing through for a long time."
Matt Toolan Director of Client Services

"The engineers had limited experience with usability testing, so Kay's expertise in that area was very helpful. She didn't have any predisposed opinions about our product when she started and her neutral perspective throughout the project proved to be effective. At the end of the testing she was able to say, 'here are my recommendations and why' and they were well-received."
Cindy Johnson VP Marketing
Kurzweil Educational Software

"Kay's work addressed problems that we would never have seen on our own. Her process helped reduce and eliminate usability issues. No question, her work improved the quality of the product - its ease of use."
Dave Vellante, CEO and Founder
IT Centrix

"Usability Resources most valuable contribution was the wake up call to the engineering people - the eye opener"
Frank Kjaersgaard, Product Manager
Progress Software

“Kay delivered what was asked for and more… she gave us more insights than we ever expected on our target audience and into how we can improve the usability of our hospital’s online recruiting effort. She did an expert review of our site where she really put on the end user’s hat and shoes. The results were very clear and complete. We will be able to use her work well into the future.”
Brent Bultema, Public Relations Director
Mayo Clinic