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Do you know how frustrating it can be to learn and sometimes use technology? We work with clients to help them understand their customer so they can design simpler and more intuitive web sites, mobile applications, and information products.

As a result of using our services your technology will become more natural and easier to learn and use. Your consumers will be happier because they can accomplish their tasks without frustration, so you will sell more and have lower support and development costs.

Founded in 2002, Usability Resources Inc has provided UX training and consultation with organizations as diverse as Abt Associates, AT&T Mobility, iRobot, Columbia University Libraries, Constant Contact, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Federal government agencies, Moxie Software, and the Mayo Clinic.

Depending on your need and budget, we can help you gain deeper insights into your users' needs through highly skilled qualitative research and user interface design services.



  • Usability testing - For Web sites, and desktop & mobile applications, we do in- person or  remote usability studies that can include an accessibility review.
  • User oberservation and interview- Similar to an ethnography, we use qualitative methods to observe and learn user's needs, workflow, and task flow. Conducted in person or remotely, over the Internet.
  • Online communities - If your users are very busy, geographically dispersed, or hard to find we recommend interacting with them through an online community. The community can run several days, weeks, or months.
  • Focus groups - we moderate live and Web-based group conversations on critical business topics and provide you with a written analysis and strategic recommendations


  • Team Mentoring - Work side-by-side with your team to guide them through a complete user research, usability testing, or user interface design project. Our goal is to develop critical UX skills in house.
  • Training workshops - We offer in-person and online training in usability testing, user research design and moderation, and user interface design. Your training can be customized to suit your team's specific needs.

  • Description of our research services (pdf)
  • Usability Resources Inc one-page capabilities statement (pdf)

    ABOUT KAY - For over 25 years Kay has worked as an independent usability consultant helping organizations make their products and services more easily understandable by ordinary people. Kay works with commercial as well as non-profit organizations.

    Kay is a feature editor for the QRCA VIEWS Magazine (a market research journal) and a RIVA-certified Master Moderator and Trainer. She teaches “Principles of User Research and Usability Testing“ through the RIVA Training Institute. Kay also teaches “Design for Usability in Healthcare” through the graduate program in Healthcare Informatics at Northeastern University. Kay is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association and the American Evaluation Association.

    Kay has a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University’s School of Engineering, a Masters in Social Work from Boston University, and a BA from McGill University in Montreal as well as a Certificate in Graphic Design from Museum School.

    Usability Resources Inc is WBE/DBE certifed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and WOSB certified through the US Small Business Association.