What Qualitative Researchers Need to Know about Usability Testing - July 20, 2012

PRESENTER: Kay Corry Aubrey

1. PDF copy of Presentation - What Qualitative Researchers Should Know about Usability Testing

2. Detailed Article on Usability Testing -
"Add Usability Testing to Your Qualitative Toolkit", QRCA VIEWS Magazine, Summer 2012

3. Overview Article - Seven things you don't know about usability testing", Quirks Magazine March 2013

4. Bibliography of key works in usability and user-centered design

5. Surveys - System Usability Scale (SUS) and Product Reaction Cards

Description: The goal of this presentation is to give attendees a deeper understanding of usability testing so they can leverage it in their own work. The material will shed light on what is important to the research buyer and will help the research provider to better understand how to plan, moderate, and report on a usability study. It will also provide information on where they can go to learn more about this very practical qualitative method.

Kay will cover what a usability test is and when to use it, the key planning steps, the language around it, and the unique insights this method produces. She will also discuss the various approaches a market researcher can take when running a usability study at different points in a product’s development (e.g., concept, early prototype, released product).