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Not sure if your product or design is intuitive?
Or if it is optimized for the marketplace?

I leverage my skills and passion as a user researcher combined with my background in user interface design to guide teams towards making products that are easy and satisfying for people to use. I work in person or virtually, with individuals and groups, to not only gather usability feedback but also to learn how well your product will function in the real world.

As I work with clients on a solution I select the amost appropriate method to translate your end user's needs into a simple and satisfying user experience. Because often my clients are new to "UX" I teach them about the field so they are comfortable with the process.
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I will be teaching a multi-week Webinar on the "Principles of Usability Testing" for the RIVA Training Institute March - April 2016. This course is for qualitative and market researchers and shows you how you can leverage skills you already have within the field of usability/UX.
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